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Bridging The Gap For Tenants Without Technology

The Vestia Employability Team deliver a range of accredited qualifications to Community Housing Group tenants.

Normally, the support Vestia offers and the courses they run would be delivered face-to-face or in a classroom; however this has been impossible over the last 6 months due to the pandemic. Whilst we were aware that some tenants struggled with technology, we have been so saddened to see the extent that this has been magnified by lockdown for those already isolated in the community. The gap between those with and without the means to digitally connect has been highlighted more than ever and just how disadvantaged tenants without these means are has increased significantly with the pandemic. 

What have Vestia done about it?

To bridge this gap and ensure our support has been available to all, the Vestia Team purchased 30 Tablets and 15 MIFI Hubs to loan to learners who did not have either equipment, internet access or both.
During August, Vestia were able to loan 22 pieces of equipment to learners completing qualifications with us.

In addition to this, local company OGL Computer donated a batch of reconditioned laptops for tenants who were struggling to work towards employment with their limited technology. These laptops have made such a huge difference.

Vestia Community Learning Team have developed from scratch a brand new online learning platform to enable learners to access courses and course materials online and achieve qualifications remotely.

Vestia are proud of the difference we have been able to make for tenants. One learner said: 

"I would be stuck in here with nobody to interact with, so the equipment and the course has opened up a new world for me and I don’t have to only speak to my dog now"

Tenant with laptop

Job coach Sanjay says:

"Phil can now apply for jobs using a laptop. He previously only had his phone for job searching. which was particularly challenging as his eye sight is not too good! Phil has very basic IT skills, so he is extremely grateful for the laptop to help improve this going forward."

As times change, we will continue to adapt to meet the needs of those looking to improve their lives and work towards employment. During the #HomesAtTheHeart campaign, it is important to highlight just how vital Social Housing providers are for communities and the difference we can make to tenant's lives.


Published - 28 Sep 2020