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Adam overcomes his anxiety


Confidence can play a huge part in getting a job, especially for someone like Adam, who has suffered with social anxiety and health issues.

Having not worked for over a year Adam had lost his confidence and recognised that anxiety was having a huge impact on his life.

"I've lived with anxiety, but I didn't always know what it was, this feeling in my stomach. It isn't a choice. People don't understand how it affects me. There were times when I couldn't even get on a bus or I couldn't be in a group of people, I would have this constant fear and negative feelings inside. Being out of work isn't always a good thing for anxiety, there's so much time to think and overthink, sometimes your brain just needs something to focus on".

Adam was referred for support through BBO and felt that this programme would be really well suited to helping him move back into employment.

When Adam initially met with his job coach, he explained that he would like support with finding part-time employment, whilst also gaining support with setting up his own business. Adam was extremely honest and open about his social anxiety and health issues but was keen to try and overcome these and not let them stop him from making positive steps forward.

During his time on BBO, Adam has come on leaps and bounds. Being supported with identifying his skills, allowing him to gain awareness of himself and his areas of strength and weakness, reviewing his CV, creating a cover letter, supporting with job searches and applications, as well as helping him find opportunities to increase his skills and knowledge.

Adam has always dreamed of one day becoming self-employed with his own carpentry business and his passion is designing and creating bespoke furniture. However, Adam was also extremely realistic about the fact that this is a long-term goal, so although this is something he wants to pursue one day, he was also aware that he needed to focus on improving his current life situation.

Adam was keen to look for a part-time role to ease him back into the world of work and was supported with job applications. It wasn't long before Adam was being invited to interviews and with support from his job coach to prepare and manage his anxieties, he attended and carried out a successful interview, and was offered the role as a cleaning supervisor.

Adam's job coach commented, "Adam's self-confidence has increased in such a short amount of time, his potential was always there, he just needed a little bit of reassurance to believe and recognise it himself. I have seen such a positive change in him during his time on BBO and I am so happy to see him successfully find employment."

Adam said: "I found my experience with BBO and my job coach very rewarding. I learned skills I didn't know I had or could tap in to. With their guidance I have improved my knowledge of how to appeal to potential employers with an impressive, revised CV and cover letter and gained confidence by realising my true potential. I am now happily employed with further prospects on the horizon. My mental health has drastically improved and I now have focus again!".

Adam's employers already have plans to support him into a higher role within the company, which is something Adam is looking forward to.

Our Building Better Opportunities programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund designed to tackle poverty and promote social inclusion throughout Worcestershire.

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