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Catherine, a Wyre Forest Community Housing tenant living in the Kidderminster area, was referred to BBO by Kidderminster Job Centre. Cat had been out of work for 11 years after having her children and had become demotivated to the point where she felt like getting a job, just wasn’t going to happen for her.

Cat and her Vestia Job Coach Jo updated her CV and very quickly Cat secured an interview with a new Café/Bar opening up in the area, she was shocked and excited to have this opportunity and went to the selection day fully prepared for the interview after carrying out an interview skills session with Jo.

Unfortunately Cat was unsuccessful in securing this role and it really knocked her confidence. At this time Cat began to miss her appointments and felt like she had taken a step backwards. Luckily, through a little persuasion and persistence from Jo, Cat decided to start attending her meetings again and began to rebuild her confidence. We decided to focus on the Retail sector instead of Hospitality and focused our job search and applications on Sales Assistant roles.

Not long after reengaging, Cat came in for her meeting one day, she was over the moon as she had been offered an interview for Sales Assistant at a store in town. She asked for some support in preparing for this interview and we carried out company research, whilst also discussing answers to common interview questions.

Shortly after her interview Cat rang up, she had been offered the position, she was very excited, but also nervous about starting work. Cat and Jo discussed all of the preparation she needed to make for starting work and have offered her some in-work support in case she needs any assistance during her first few weeks in employment. It was nice to see Cat come such a long way in a short space of time, her journey shows that we all have set-backs, but we need to dust ourselves off and keep trying. Cat says of her time on BBO, ‘I’ve been through a lot and with the right help from BBO I got back on track.’