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Dean is a tenant of Bdht, he self-referred for support from the BBO project following being told about it by his Rents Officer. Dean was in receipt of ESA due to severe and enduring mental health issues, however he was determined he wanted to work but needed the right support to enable him to do so.

Dean was very open and honest from the offset with his job Coach, describing extreme difficulties including catastrophising situations and struggling with severe anxiety. His BBO Job Coach gave him time to talk about his situation and to build an open and honest professional rapport and relationship. This allowed Dean to feel able and confident to receive very practical coaching including writing a CV, completing application forms, registering with job sites and interview skills.

Following the support received Dean was successful in securing a part time role at a new retail store opening in his home town. Dean is now sustaining this employment and said “I feel that I am now starting to achieve in life, my self-confidence is coming back and I can see some positivity in the future.”

Dean feels that working is now a platform for recovering from his mental ill health. Dean sees a purpose in his life as he is doing something constructive, meeting new people and earning his own money. Dean is now able to start to learn to drive and provide treats for his Daughter and he feels he has the opportunity for progression to push forward. Dean feels he was listened to rather than the project ticking boxes, and that his Job Coach had the ability to see things from his point of view. Dean said the difference for him was being listened to which gave him confidence, he felt comfortable with the support as he felt his needs were being respected at all times.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the support of a dedicated Job Coach who will work with you to build on your own strengths and abilities to gain the confidence and skills to move into work please get in touch now, we are waiting to hear from you.

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