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Janet was referred to the Building Better Opportunities programme by Kidderminster Job Centre for support with job searching and improving her confidence. When we initially met with Janet she was very nervous, reserved and quiet. Janet had been out of work for 20 years and felt quite anxious about the prospect of having to find work again; she felt out of touch with the job searching processes, as things have changed drastically over the past few years. One of the biggest issues Janet was facing was how the majority of job searches and applications were now done digitally. Through our initial few meetings, we identified the areas that Janet would need support with in order to build her confidence and motivation with job searching.

Janet engaged brilliantly through the programme, enabling us to work effectively through the goals and actions she wanted to achieve. We worked together to identify Janet’s strengths and weaknesses, we updated Janet’s CV and created a cover letter, carried out job searches and applications together and researched various job roles. Janet expressed interest in completing an IT course to better her skills and knowledge, enabling her to independently carry out her job searching and applications online. Up until now, Janet had relied on others to help her using computers and she felt this was the last hurdle to overcome so she could move forward with her job searching skills and confidence.

We signed Janet up to a Level 1 IT course with Vestia, which Janet completed successfully. The feedback from both Janet and the IT course tutor was brilliant and it was clear that Janet had taken a lot of skills and knowledge away from this learning, successfully supporting her development in an area that a few months ago, seemed an impossible achievement.

Thanks to the programme, Janet has started to believe in herself and has recognised that she can achieve; “I believe in myself more because I can do things if I put my mind to it, because of my job coaches help”. Following her time on the programme and after completing the IT course with Vestia, Janet said; “I am more confident and lots better using the computers thanks to my support on BBO and the course that I did”. Janet’s Job Coach has commented; “When I first met Janet, she was so quiet and anxious but now she comes to her appointments with motivation, confidence and eagerness to learn and develop further. I have seen her confidence and motivation grow over the last few months and wish her every success for the future”. Janet is planning on continuing her job searches independently and is hopeful she will find work very soon.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the support of a dedicated Job Coach who will work with you to build on your own strengths and abilities to gain the confidence and skills to move into work please get in touch now, we are waiting to hear from you.

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