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Kayleigh commenced the project after overcoming a drug addiction that lasted for many years resulting in the loss of her home, a criminal conviction and the removal of her daughter from her care. Kayleigh was determined to turn all of this around and fight for her daughter to come home with everything she had left. Kayleigh also knew she needed to develop the confidence and self-belief that she once had to move forward into her future as a strong woman.

Kayleigh decided that she would like her future career to be in welding, she commenced a training course with RITE social enterprise to help her achieve this goal. Kayleigh had learnt how to job search and thanks to the help of her BBO Job Coach she can now independently send her CV and cover letter to apply for roles confidently. Kayleigh said “I’ve realised that I want to go into welding as a career and I’m much more confident now, this programme has helped me so much, I feel positive about going forward in my future.”

Kayleigh told her Job Coach that due to the progress she had made on the project and in turning her life around as a whole, the court had awarded her favour and her daughter was coming home.

Kayleigh exited BBO after achieving all of her goals of learning how to job search, increasing her health and well-being and entering into education and training on a Welding Course, during her support she had battled addiction, fought to get her daughter back and completely transformed every aspect of her life.

3 months after exiting BBO Kayleigh is going from strength to strength, she completed her welding course and is still considering this as a future career. Kayleigh has applied to college to become a barber in her spare time and is volunteering and training in a Tattoo shop to become an artist one day. Kayleigh also loves knitting and in her spare time she creates hand knitted dolls for her self-employed business.

Kayleigh says “I am happier, healthier, I have a better life and I am a better Mom! Thank you BBO for your part in my journey – I’m thankful for my struggles and failures because without them I wouldn’t have realised my strengths and grown strong enough to achieve all of my dreams”

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the support of a dedicated Job Coach who will work with you to build on your own strengths and abilities to gain the confidence and skills to move into work please get in touch now, we are waiting to hear from you.

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