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Lisa was referred to the Building Better Opportunities programme by Kidderminster Job Centre. Lisa required support around her confidence and moving back into employment. A Vestia Job Coach contacted her and arranged to meet with Lisa to complete her induction; it was during this initial meeting that her Job Coach learnt that Lisa had lost her previous job through ill-health 3 years ago. The past few years had been difficult ones for Lisa and it was clear this was still something she was working through. However, Lisa felt it was her time to move forward, she was actively looking for work and was also looking for a change in career but was finding this quite frustrating as she felt she didn’t have the experience she needed for the jobs she was applying for. Lisa’s Job Coach began her support by creating an action plan for them to work through together; they focused on Lisa’s short term goals being those that would help pave the way to achieving the long term goal of Lisa getting back into employment. Part of this action plan meant they completed work around Lisa’s skills, updated and amended Lisa’s cover letter and CV and carried out some work around interview skills and techniques. Lisa felt that having a job coach by her side gave her the confidence to persevere and keep going; she felt that she had someone there to support and guide her, whilst also being able to ask questions and gain clarification when needed.

With Lisa independently job searching at home, it wasn’t long before she was getting emails inviting her to interviews and as much as this is what Lisa wanted, she also found it a little overwhelming and we found we were having to prepare quickly, with not a lot of notice prior to the interviews. Her Job Coach continued reassuring Lisa and supporting her through this process and Lisa was able to work through this well. Lisa was not only offered 1 job but 2, all within 2 weeks. Lisa accepted a job at Webbs Garden Centre, somewhere she has wanted to work for a long time.

Lisa has made such big, overwhelming steps in her life at a crucial time where she felt ready to move forward, “I am so proud of everything Lisa has achieved and wish her so much luck for the future”. Lisa couldn’t be more appreciative of the support she received from her job coach and commented; “By working together on my CV, we have created a brilliant CV, rather than a basic CV”. Lisa has gained confidence in herself, improved her motivation and has found employment. Lisa’s plan is to stay focused and work hard in her role, now that the biggest hurdle of finding and starting work has been achieved.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the support of a dedicated Job Coach who will work with you to build on your own strengths and abilities to gain the confidence and skills to move into work please get in touch now, we are waiting to hear from you.

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