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Natalie had been referred to the BBO programme in November 2016, after deciding that she wanted support with moving her life forward. Natalie had never had a paid job before, or trained towards any qualifications after leaving school in 2003.

Natalie had also been suffering with mental health issues, and low self-esteem and wasn’t ready to go into work yet. However did feel that she wanted to still develop herself professionally. Natalie had been on the BBO programme for nearly 12 months and had many appointments with her Job Coach discussing ideas, Natalie’s passions and interests and ways Natalie could pursue these professionally.

She encountered some struggles on the way including when she felt unsure about what she wanted to do and felt over whelmed with the thought of trying something new, especially if it involved being around a lot of people she didn’t know. However Natalie continued on with the programme and eventually gained a place on an animal care course with BMet College and started her course in September 2017.

Natalie is also currently on placement at the Safari park and hopes to finish her course so she can then get a job in a pet shop.

"Thank you for the support I have received. I am really looking forward to my future and am really enjoying doing what I love, animal care!" - Natalie